The purpose of this letter is to serve as a reference for Hammersmith Construction Services.

Our small association of 22 units has, since construction, struggled with drainage issues on decks. As a result, we have endured leaking roofs, ice forming on sidewalks and driveways, and deterioration of metal deck supports.

Over the past 15 years, we have consulted with a number of construction companies, sealant companies and drainage issue experts. We have spent thousands of dollars on futile efforts to repair the damage and correct potential safety issues. Overall, our efforts have been unsuccessful, at best.

This past year we began working with Hammersmith Construction Services to correct several of these problems. The company, under the direction of Michael Kern, brought in the best sub contractors available. Michael supervised the work every step of the way including dealing with some small nitpicky items raised by one homeowner. The contractors were courteous, professional and left our property in excellent condition. Best of all, the repairs seem to have remediated our problems.

While our repairs were not inexpensive, Michael kept us informed of cost every step of the way and did not proceed with excess expenditures without board approval.

I am writing this recommendation in regards to Hammersmith Construction Services and Director Michael Kern. We as a board highly recommend Michael Kern and Hammersmith Construction Services to oversee your construction defect project or any other project you might have regarding your community.

These are the reasons we felt would tell why we think so highly of HCS and Michael Kern:

  • Michael Kern is very knowledgeable when it comes to construction and how repairs should be made, especially with what should be done first and what he felt could wait until the following year.
  • Michael is very professional and is definitely a people person. He received numerous calls with questions from homeowners involved in our project. He answered every question in a timely manner, and explained the process of the project thoroughly.
  • The board did ask to make changes during the project. Michael was able to make those changes without hesitation.
  • Michael kept the board updated on the project, by emailing an updated master repair list. There could be as many as six or more changes per week, so not only the unit (homeowner) changes had to be made but also the price changes.
  • Whenever Michael was not available his Project Administrator Stacy Ehlers would contact me. Stacy would either answer my question or tell me what time Michael would be calling me back. Stacy is a genuine asset to Hammersmith Construction Services.

At the beginning of our project Michael recommended 3 companies, AGS being one of them. AGS came highly recommended by Michael. The board of directors made the decision to use AGS. It was the second best decision we made, with Michael and HCS being the first. We are very happy with the work that has been completed this year and look forward to working with HCS and Michael next year.

The Willow Ranch Board of Directors contracted with Hammersmith Construction to re-roof the property, handle the replacement of windows and gutters damaged by the severe hail storm in 2012. The re-roofing included twenty-one condos, Clubhouse, two mail kiosks and twenty garages. The damaged windows were well over one hundred.

The Board had to do an assessment to cover the insurance deductible. Hammersmith Construction provided us with a project manager who was on the property several times a day for the length of the job and a person to help residents with questions concerning their insurance claims and window replacements… They also offered replacement windows at a discounted rate for residents wanting to upgrade existing windows not covered by our insurance. Their involvement was an enormous help to the Board and the residents were very pleased.

The job was completed timely and with very little disruption to parking and the resident access. The property was cleaned daily while the shingles were being installed. Great care was taken not to damage the landscaping or lawns. The new window installation was scheduled by Hammersmith and each unit was completed in a single day.

There were very few complaints from the residents and those few were handled timely and to everyone’s satisfaction. We would highly recommend Hammersmith Construction, especially for a job of this size. Their employees were courteous, professional and helpful.

I would like to personally congratulate you on the overwhelming successful completion of expanding and renovating our community center. The success of this project was largely due to your participation and ownership as the construction project manager and owners representative.

I was mostly impressed with your professionalism and how you act with tenacity while managing situations with vigilance. You really impressed me with your ability to operate within the parameters we defined. I will never know how many construction problems you managed to resolution for us. You truly managed the project and engaged ownership when it was appropriate. This removed unnecessary stress from ownership.

Your dedication and perseverance to completing our project on-time and within budget reflected as if it was your own building and your own budget. I was continually impressed with your level of ownership in our project. Especially since our project was the smallest one on your plate at the time.

I truly appreciate your partnership on this project and hope to work with you in the future on as many projects as your schedule permits. Your skillset and abilities would make you a success in any industry.

I am writing to recommend Michael Kern and Hammersmith Construction Services after my experience working with this team for the first time this spring. I have been working in the Construction Industry for over 14 years and I am the owner of Mercurial LLC. My company was awarded to build-out The Village of Five Parks Depot Expansion. Hammersmith Construction Services was selected to work along side the HOA and to help facilitate this project. Once the project started, there were many unanswered questions and plan conflicts that the HOA was simply unable to answer in a timely fashion. This ultimately started to delay our project.

Michael Kern and his team immediately stepped in. We were relieved when Hammersmith took the reins of weekly meetings, managing requests for information, facilitating change orders, working with all vested parties in a non bias manner. Questions were answered promptly and accurately, requests for payments were on time and realistic expectations were placed on all parties to work together. It was this collaborative, relentless spirit that would allow us to complete our project on time and on budget. Michael and his team are dedicated to their profession. They will bring a unique balance to any project. They possess a scientific and analytical strength that is evident in their work and I have no doubt they will continue to be leaders in their field.