Capital Improvement

Blue Sky Condominiums

Hammersmith Construction Services recently completed a six-year litigation process with the builder and developer. This 408-unit condo complex was experiencing significant building movement in the four-story buildings. This created door problems, concrete movement and shifting of walls and drywall. Ultimately, the HOA Board of Directors chose to hire a Construction Defect Law firm to try and re-coup monies to make the necessary repairs within the Community. If the Board had not chosen to pursue litigation to make these necessary repairs, the Homeowners would have needed to pay for the repairs.

After settling, the Board hired Hammersmith Construction Services to function as their construction management firm. We were hired to create the repair team which included architects, structural engineers and civil engineering consultants. We were able to help the Board prioritize the issues within the Community and devise a comprehensive and cost-effective repair plan in order to remediate damages.