Insurance Claim Management

Hampden Court Condominiums

Built in 1978, Hampden Court is a Community of 168 condos. Hammersmith Construction Services received word of a fire at the complex at 10 p.m. the night it occurred, and immediately dispatched one of our restoration contractors to the scene. They were instructed to wait and assist the fire department as they turned over the loss, and to board up the building so the residents’ possessions were safe.

From prior experience with this property, we knew there was a chance that the affected units contained asbestos. That night, the Hammersmith Construction Manager advised the Board to file an insurance claim, and also scheduled a meeting with our Industrial Hygienist and the Restoration Project Director for 8 a.m. the following morning. We were fortunate we scheduled that meeting, as when we arrived on site, a representative from the Colorado Department of Health did as well. They were very impressed that we had our Industrial Hygienist on-site and ready to do testing.

The following day we met with an adjustor for the Association’s insurance company to compile the scope of work. At this meeting we were able to get approval from the adjustor to start moving forward with asbestos testing and abatement.

This was a long and involved process. In the end, we were able to protect the Association from cost overruns by getting approval from the insurance adjustor prior to approving the restoration contractor to do any work. We were able to ensure the restoration company was compensated using this process. We were also able to inform the residents and Homeowners as we went through the process and assist them with claims on their personal insurance policy.

The Board took this opportunity to request bids for upgraded flooring in the common areas of the building affected. We met with the contractor and presented the Board with bid options for durable flooring. One of the units had Homeowner upgrades that needed a personal claim, and we were able to help this Homeowner and work with the personal insurance company as well.