Project Management

Larimer Place Condominiums

Larimer Place Condominiums is one of Denver’s premier high rise residences located in the historic LoDo District. Built in 1979, this 170-unit, 31-story building had surpassed the expected useful life of its original individual fan coil units in the residences. Throughout the previous five years, the Physical Plant Committee as well as the Board of Directors was receiving an increased amount of complaints from the residents as it related to the inability for their residences to heat and cool properly. The Committee and Board decided it would be best to engage a mechanical engineer to look at upgrading all 466+ fan coil units with a more energy efficient, 21st Century application.

After the Board of Directors awarded the contract to Johnson Controls, they believed that in order to deliver a successful project while working in occupied residences, it would be necessary to have an owner’s representative on-site to function as the liaison between the residents and the contractor. They hired Hammersmith Construction Services to provide a full-time, on-site construction coordinator to help coordinate the project with Johnson Controls. Hammersmith Construction Services also provided senior staff to manage contractor scheduling, phasing and production, and Owner Architect Meetings and function as the one point of contact with the client. It was also Hammersmith Construction Services’ responsibility to interact with the owner’s mechanical engineer to ensure that the project was being delivered in compliance with the construction and design documents, as well as meeting the necessary state and local building codes.

One surprise was the discovery of asbestos in some of the plumbing insulation. Our Team, well educated in abatement protocol, engaged an Industrial Hygienist on behalf of the HOA and an Abatement Contractor, and were able to successfully resolve this complication.

With the conclusion of the project, the residents received far superior fan coil units than what they had previously, and the Board is no longer hearing complaints of lack of heat or cooling. This flagship building has replaced one— if not their largest—asset that should last another 30+ years. This project would not have been as much of a success, from a coordination and logistical standpoint, if it were not for having the right Team of construction professionals in place.