Reserve Study Projects

Coal Creek HOA

Our Team of construction professionals works with our clients on active management of reserve studies. This prevents clients from ending up in a position where they are deferring maintenance, making repairs too soon, or making unnecessary repairs. That’s where our Team of Project Managers comes in. We only prepare scopes of work when necessary, rather than having a contractor write inflated scopes that only benefit themselves.

Once the scope is written, our Project Managers send it to three of our pre-qualified and vetted contractors for competitive bidding. Then we evaluate each bid to ensure that they are “apples to apples,” and compile them to present to the Board in a succinct and easy-to-read format in order for them to make an informed and financially-sound decision.

The Coal Creek painting project was a multi-year phased project in which our Project Team helped write the scope in conjunction with the painting supplier and oversaw the project on behalf of the HOA. Our Project Managers kept meticulous field reports while reporting progress and schedules to our client in order to deliver a project that enables them to maintain the siding and exterior paint of their homes.

These homes in particular had seen a great deal of fading due to the original color that was chosen during development. Prior to final billing, our Project Managers punch the project with the contractor and then allow the client to do one final walk of the property. Once the project was completed, it looked like a brand new Community.