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Meet Our Team

John Hammersmith</p>
John Hammersmith


Ralph Grant</p>
Ralph Grant

Director of Construction Services

Shawn Morris</span></p>
Shawn Morris

Associate Director

Sarah Vidulich</p>
Sarah Vidulich

Vice President of Construction Finance

Greg Gerlach</p>
Greg Gerlach

Director of Hammersmith Roofing

Juliane Jeffs</p>
Juliane Jeffs

Roofing Operations Coordinator

Rick Lundy</p>
Rick Lundy

Roofing Sales Project Manager

Larry Fowler</p>
Larry Fowler

Roofing Supervisor

Israel Soto</p>
Israel Soto

Supervising Project Manager

Liana Greenberg</p>
Liana Greenberg

Supervising Project Manager

Denise McClung</span></p>
Denise McClung

Project Manager

Jeremy McHenry</span></p>
Jeremy McHenry

Project Manager

Jonn van Oosten</span></p>
Jonn van Oosten

Project Manager

Amberly Cavalier</span></p>
Amberly Cavalier

Project Manager

Megan Smith</span></p>
Megan Smith

Construction Operations Manager

Expert Partners Agree

“Since HCS has come onboard not only has our stress gone away but our costs are controlled and the work has progressed on schedule and within budget. All of the work has been done well and with no problems.”

Diane S., Board Member

“HCS knows how to customize that to your specific problems.”

Amanda S., Board Member

Philanthropy Is In Our Blood

We understand we have an obligation to be responsible citizens, and that includes integrating charitable work into our corporate culture. We encourage and invite you to join us in this effort.